A few reflections on the Airflex Storm portable

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  1. Can it produce truckmount like results? Yes it can but you have to work it.
  2. Air flow is excellent and unlike most portables it runs a 2″ hose as standard although we have used it with a whip line onto a 1.5″ wand.
  3. Pressure is excellent. For average soiling domestic work, 200psi is plenty. We did a really heavy soiled commercial job today and operated at 300psi. BUT – fine gauge jets must be used in the wand to achieve good pressure and a reduced flow rate to make the most of the in-line heater and to reduce refilling every 10 minutes.
  4. Excellent though it is, this machine is not however a truckmount substitute. More on this and a few reservations about design in later posts.

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