Carpet Cleaning

Scimitar Clean treat every carpet upon its own characteristics – we do not take a “one size fits all” approach. We decide upon the method of cleaning and pre-conditioning and the solutions to be used after assessing the carpet, noting in particular:

  1. Fibres – wool, other natural fibre, synthetics or a mix
  2. Construction – woven, tufted, flocked
  3. Pile – velvet, twist, looped – and how much wear there has been
  4. Soiling, staining and other marking such as filtration soiling or browning
  5. Whether the carpet has been cleaned before using inappropriate methods

We will move furniture within reason. Sofas and chairs rarely present problems and this is true of coffee tables, small cabinets and other sturdy furnishings. Cabinets containing fragile items such as crystal, china or electrical equipment can be moved but you should remove the contents before we arrive. Computers and TV/Videos/DVDs are generally not moved unless specifically requested, in which case we cannot take responsibility for damage or the inadvertent disconnection of cables.

Example of the effectiveness of Professional Carpet Cleaning