Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Cleaning

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Cleaning, stripping and sealing procedure.

1) Protect all surfaces that could be damaged by moisture.
2) Apply stripping solution.
3) Leave to dwell.
4) Use weighted machine with scrub pad to remove dirt and possible topical sealers
5) Switch machine to a brush pad and scrub again to get into the grout lines.
6) Jet wash the floor using a domed sealed SX-12 spinner tool to clean and rinse the floor.
7) Repeat procedure (if necessary) but with a degreaser or possibly an acid cleaning solution (after testing) in case you have any grout haze.
8) Manually clean the grout lines (if necessary) to get all removable dirt out.
9) Use air movers to dry the floor
10) Use a solvent based high quality impregnating sealer to make the floor water tight.

Natural stone will require different and additional stages to ensure an effective and safe job is carried out.

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