Cleaning up after Students.

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We all know students have a reputation for being messy. Quite frankly, why shouldn’t they be?  It’s the last time in their lives they’ll be able to get away with it and well, they’re too busy studying, sleeping and drinking to be doing housework, right? But what about when they graduate and move out of student digs, who’s left to clear up the mess, why the landlord of course.

Which is where we come in. We have seen some pretty grotty student carpets in our time and we’re not just talking a few minor food stains, no, there’s a whole plethora of stains ranging from red wine, candle wax and nail varnish right through to, wait for it, vomit. It is nasty! But ever the professionals and keen to take on any carpet cleaning challenge that is thrown at us we can get even the worst looking (and smelling!) carpets back to their former glory, ready to face the next influx of students.

Check out our latest YouTube video to see how well we cleaned up a recently trashed carpet in a student let. Each of the 6 bedrooms and 2 reception rooms were in a similar state and the landlord was keen to have them professionally cleaned, rather than fork out on a new carpet, knowing full well they would only be trashed again in future. We pulled out the big guns and used the powerful Truckmount carpet cleaner, which is typically 10 times more powerful than the portable units offered by our competitors. Using hot water extraction, this industry leading machine bought that carpet up like new.

Got a trashed carpet? Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

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