Dog Days are Over!

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If you’re a dog owner putting up with a bit of moulting hair, paw prints and dare we say it, the occasional ‘little accident’ are all part and parcel of having your furry friends inside the house, but it doesn’t mean your upholstery and carpets have to suffer.1d80786b91275640295f48b0f429626a

Some owners will insist on their pets staying off of the furniture, which is all well and good if you can train them to do so, but more often than not dogs like nothing better than lounging on a comfy armchair and let’s face it there’s something nice about snuggling up of an evening, in front of a wood fire, dog head resting in lap whilst watching TV with a mug of cocoa. We’re not just talking stains and hair either, there’s also the smell!

Can you really have a clean, beautifully scented home as well as owning dogs?

Well, yes you can and that is where Scimitar Clean comes in. As highly qualified specialists in carpet and upholstery cleaning, we pride ourselves in eliminating those nasty doggy whiffs, removing the stubborn stains that have been lovingly rubbed into the soft furnishings and getting rid of fuzzy furballs and hairy heaps.

10411838_903885106351561_6513739321034947068_nWe’ve recently had two such encounters, where stains have been left along the side of a sofa due to the dog rubbing itself against the fabric every time they walk past. The fabric gradually becomes more and more soiled and eventually leaves a tidemark, which can dramatically age the look of the sofa. Using the right equipment for the specific fabric combined with our extensive knowledge and experience, we had the sofa looking and smelling at it’s absolute best in no time.

So, in the words of Florence + The Machine, the dog days really are over, well certainly if you hire Scimitar Clean to sort out all your professional cleaning for you anyway!

For free advice and a no obligation quote contact Scimitar Clean today.

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