Scimitar Clean on-site quotation pricing is:

  1. Guaranteed and fully inclusive – the price we quote is the price you pay
  2. Fair and great value for money for the amount and quality of work to be done
  3. Affordable and a good investment for the care of carpets, rugs and upholstery
  4. Itemised – not only room by room or piece by piece, but by optional services too such as stain/soiling protection, deodorisation or difficult stain removal
  5. Not used as an opportunity for hard selling

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On-Site Surveys Or Phone Quotes?

We are often asked to give a price over the telephone. You would not expect a decorator to give a price for painting your house without having the opportunity to see it and a professional carpet cleaner should take the same approach but many don’t. The on-site survey serves many purposes including:

  1. Giving you an opportunity to ask questions about the service
  2. Taking measurements and noting room/property layout
  3. Checking the extent and nature of staining and soiling and doing spot tests to show how successful our cleaning might be
  4. Noting the amount of furnishing as we move most items and return to their position
  5. Assessing access to the premises including parking and any steps to be negotiated
  6. Checking the fibres and construction of your carpets and upholstery e.g. a woven woollen carpet needs to be treated differently from a tufted man made fibre carpet
  7. Observing the design of chairs and sofas and identifying the fibres used in the fabric
  8. Giving a firm price based upon these observations
  9. We will not outstay our welcome – most quotation visits take around 15 minutes.

If a proper survey cannot be undertaken we will give a rough idea of price on the telephone, but such prices cannot be guaranteed. Furthermore, we will not engage in Dutch auctions to beat the price of competitors who may not act in good faith as we do.

Be cautious of companies who do not offer on-site surveys or price guarantees

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