Rug Cleaning

Rug cleaning is rarely the same as carpet cleaning but on a smaller scale! This is especially true for oriental, Persian, Afghan, Indian, Zeigler, Pakistan, Chinese, silk, and expensive contemporary rugs. Why should this be the case?

Rugs tend to have dense and thick piles and can contain much higher levels of dry soiling

  1. Thicker and heavier rugs often have to be cleaned two or more times to achieve an even result
  2. Thicker and heavier rugs often take much longer to dry
  3. Most oriental rugs have non-colourfast dyes and need to be dye locked
  4. Flat weave rugs such as kilims and tapestries also present challenges for cleaning & drying
  5. Many rugs have fringes which require specialist cleaning to avoid browning
  6. Silk rugs require different and specialised treatment

These characteristics often mean that we need to take rugs away to our unit as safe, effective cleaning and rapid drying is not attainable in a domestic setting. As with carpets, rugs made from wool should be cleaned by a Woolsafe Certified Operator to ensure satisfactory results without damage.


Example of the effectiveness of Professional Rug Cleaning