Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning is just as much a specialist task as carpet cleaning and in many cases even more so. It is also time consuming – expect a typical 3-piece suite to take a full morning to clean. Whilst most upholstery fabrics do not contain wool we usually opt to use Woolsafe approved professional cleaning solutions. This approach gives good cleaning results with minimal risks as fabrics are left in a pH stable condition with little chance of colour change or bleed.

Upholstery fabrics vary enormously in construction (woven, tufted, flocked, prints), fibres (natural and synthetic) and dyes (many being unstable or reactive). Each type requires appropriate cleaning methods, solutions and temperature to achieve a safe, effective clean. Scimitar Clean will ensure that the correct process is used.


Example of the effectiveness of Professional Upholstery Cleaning